Good, Evil; reality, a choice, unclear.
Appearances deceptive, contradictions abound, fiction becomes reality.
Two Faces; Scapegoat into Hero, Bad into Good.
Desire is exploitation.
Laws created, manipulated, ignored or abolished, are unstable or plain vanish.
Watched, spied, fixed, pinned down for tax of State.
To talk, not talk, to incriminate self, others.
Nothing is learned from truth; fiction contaminates reality, reality adapts to lies and deceits.
Demons blatant, now, have no shame and entering souls some are now possessed.
That Evil has entered the world in a specific way. Hell on earth created, its cancerous Will seeping from a point.
This, not feeling heading wrong direction, due violent computer games, mothers off to work, the freely available explicit pornography undermining, this is that evil is Here Now, dribbling. The Demonic invaded Opportunity, now pervades, is coming home. The Furies aroused, now pursuing. Demons have or will possess as they did The Germans .
How did people feel, understand, in Germany around 1933? What too about the Stasi, Staatssicherheit, and informers? That was then is it now? Many won’t believe what is possible, the irrational that can be normal, what fictions will be true, where things end. Others see and fight or run or simply comment and observe This Enchantment.
So from roots of humankind, recesses that harbour irrationality, desires, evil that resides in individual and society, that civilisation may assuage but never completely eradicates…
Death comes without warning, appears in the sky and drops a bomb on you.
Danny Dark Records


Datum: 01. August 2008
Komposition: Walter&Sabrina&guests
CD Aufnahmen Ort: Berlin

Composed and performed by:
Stephen Moore – voice & lyricist
Walter Cardew – guitar & voice
Celia Lu – soprano voice & harmonium
Dietrich Eichmann – piano & harpsichord (
Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson – voice & electronics (
Michael Griener – percussion (
Alexander Frangenheim – double bass
Christian Weber – double bass (
Recorded in Berlin in May 2008 by Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson.