April 2023

Des goûts et des couleurs Brussels

April 16th, 2023|concert|

La Tricoterie‘ built a new, very nice and intimate concert hall for chamber music , ‚le boudoir‘.
They asked for a new program for their first season.

So we continued dangerously mixing old and new music,
‚using the unknown to make the known unknown‘ John Cage

We also asked the designer of ‚le boudoir‘ – architect, engineer, composer, violinist – Jeannot Gilis to play with us in a few pieces.
The program encompasses a wide range of musical styles, from songs to classical lieder to contemporary music. The spotlight will shift between the voice and the piano throughout the performance. What makes this concert special is that the pieces will transition seamlessly into each other, creating an unusual musical flow:

Des goûts et des couleurs

We cordially invite you to join us for a wonderful evening.

Date: Friday, April 21st, 2023
Time: 8:30 PM
Location: Tricoterie Brussels, Belgium
Admission: 19,- / 12,-

Dezember 2021

Frankfurt and Nazism -exhibition 2021-2023

Dezember 21st, 2021|exhibition|

The video-installation „Redepausen“ is currenty presented in the context of a long-term exhibition in Frankfurt Museum.

75 years after the liberation of the city by US troops, National Socialism and its aftermath are more topical than ever. This is shown by radical right-wing attacks, parties and propaganda. For the first time, the HMF is presenting an overall view of this eventful and momen- tous period, including its pre- and post-history, in the form of three exhibitions and a richly illustrated accompanying book.  It is of interest to all who are concerned with memory culture. (Text copied from Museum´s flyer)

Morton-Feldman-Projekt Hamburg

Dezember 14th, 2021|exhibition, Vocal training|

Live dance performance and concert

Sabine Glenz & Ensemble Resonanz in cooperation with the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg: Morton Feldman Projekt

Idea, concept, artistic direction: Sabine Glenz
Dramaturg: Matthias Quabbe
Music: String Quartet No. 2 by Morton Feldman, 1983 (Duration: 5 h)
Live interpretation: String Quartet of Ensemble Resonanz
Dance: Viktor Braun, Jonathan Bringert, Marcelo Doño, Sara Ezzell, Clàudia Ferrando, Angela Kecinski, Fernanda Ortiz, Larissa Protapov
360° Camera: Franz Kastner
Film „Color Fields“ (5 h): Franz Kastner, Alejandro Valbuena
Production management: Levin Handschuh

Voice training and group work in the development process: Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson


November 2021

Interview Theaterfreunde

November 14th, 2021|Allgemein|


Jutta Moster-Hoos in conversation with Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson about the making of the recordings for the ballet „Die Kunst der Fuge“.

Exerzierhalle 29.11.2021 19h

Freundeskreis des Oldenburgischen Staatstheaters

Mai 2021

Sound and Silence Art Museum Bonn

Mai 11th, 2021|Sound engineering|

Sound and Silence
The Sound of Silence in Contemporary Art May 27 – Sept. 5, 2021.

The exhibition Sound and Silence is dedicated to the theme of silence and stillness in the field of contemporary visual art. The presentation is realized in view of the anniversary of the 250th birthday of Ludwig von Beethoven and takes the progressive process of his deafness as a starting point for the fundamental question of the relationship between sound and silence, the productive and at the same time destructive power of silence and the impossibility of complete silence.
Concept Sigrid Sigurdsson; artistic design: Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson: Redepausen.

Juni 2019

The art of fugue

Juni 15th, 2019|sound design, Sound engineering, Voice|

Choreography by Antoine Jully – world premiere
Musical arrangement and voice: Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson


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In his dance performance, Antoine Jully explores the entire field of geometric-architectural possibilities inherent in the composition with his language of movement. In doing so, he wants to transfer the ideas and approaches of Johann Sebastian Bach – with the greatest respect for his composition – into his own version, which will be especially dedicated to the rhythms laid out in the fugues. His musical partner will be the Oldenburg singer and vocal artist Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson, who plays with the tonal spectrum of Bach’s composition and has also made recordings with the Ventapane Quartet of the Oldenburg State Theater, as well as the Oldenburg cantor and organist of St. Lamberti Church, Tobias Götting.


Choreography and costumes: Antoine Jully
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, ‚The Art of Fugue‘ BWV 1080
Musical arrangement and voice: Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson
Stage: Georgios Kolios, Antoine Jully
Lighting: Sofie Thyssen, Phillip Sonnhoff, Antoine Jully
Video: Georgios Kolios
Dramaturgy: Telse Hahmann

With: Laura Cristea/ Adi Hanan/ Maelenn Le Dorze/ Nicol Omezzolli/ Caetana Silva Dias/ Teele Ude/ Francesco Fasano/ Lester René González Álvarez/ Oliver Jones/ Herick Moreira/ Gianluca Sermattei

Musical partners:
Tobias Götting, organ
Ventapane Quartet: Lev Gelbard, Birgit Rabbels, Christoph Rabbels, André Saad
Christoph Ogiermann, piano improvisation

Photo: © Stephan Walzl

Date: June 15, 2019
Composition: Johann Sebastian Bach
Production: Oldenburg State Theater, Ballet
Location: Oldenburg State Theater, Oldenburg

November 2016

Recording Workshop Sylvia Massy

November 23rd, 2016|Sound engineering|

Sylvia Massy has recently published her book „Recording Unhinged„. In it she describes her unusual recording methods and her interesting encounters with various stars of the music world.
In November, I had the opportunity with a small group to observe Sylvia at work and ask her all sorts of questions along the way.

Article about the recording workshop.

The workshop took place at Röhrsdorf Castle near Dresden in the Castle Studios.

Cover image: (c)Illustration by Sylvia Massy

Mai 2016

Redepausen in Hamburg

Mai 31st, 2016|exhibition, Sound engineering|

The work Redepausen (speech breaks) by Sigrid Sigurdsson and Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson is currently part of the exhibition “ …und eine welt noch“ at the Kunsthaus Hamburg. This takes the work of the artist Hanne Darboven (1941 – 2009) as a starting point to consider the topicality and relevance of her work from the perspective of a younger international generation of artists from today’s perspective.

The work speech breaks in detail.

See Kunsthaus Hamburg and article taz.