On Saturday 2.2.24 at 22h we present a special collaboration at the Eclat Festival Stuttgart. Composer Christoph Ogiermann, singer Siddhii Devii Lagrutta and myself as singer and sound designer will be accompanied by the New York quartet Yarn/Wire. We take the audience on a musical experience.

The inspiration for Ogiermann’s composition lies in Stefan Wolpe’s music.

The composition is entitled „Encouragements and/Contradictions and/“the history of all hitherto existing music is also the history of hand positions and fingerings“. The self-encouragement of an artist to ever more diverse forms of expression and materials. A work between improvisation and composed music with video contributions and six-channel tape.


Christoph Ogiermann: voice, piano, violin, electronics and stuff
Siddhii Devii Lagrutta: voice and stuff
Yarn/Wire: pianos, drums, piano inside
Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson: voice, electronics and stuff

A SESSION for Yarn/Wire, three additional musicians and electronics.
If you can’t be there LIVE that evening, you can watch the live stream here.

We are looking forward to it!