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Des goûts et des couleurs Brussels


La Tricoterie' built a new, very nice and intimate concert

Des goûts et des couleurs Brussels2023-04-16T21:32:06+02:00

Morton-Feldman-Projekt Hamburg


Live dance performance and concert Sabine Glenz & Ensemble Resonanz

Morton-Feldman-Projekt Hamburg2021-12-14T09:46:14+01:00

Interview Theaterfreunde


Theaterbegegnungen Jutta Moster-Hoos in conversation with Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson about the

Interview Theaterfreunde2021-12-14T18:14:05+01:00

Sound and Silence Art Museum Bonn


Art exhibition dedicated to the theme of silence and stillness in the field of contemporary visual art

Sound and Silence Art Museum Bonn2023-04-30T17:44:43+02:00

The art of fugue


Choreograph Antoine Jully will explore the entire field of geometric-architectural possibilities inherent in the composition with his language of movement

The art of fugue2023-01-22T14:23:18+01:00

Recording Workshop Sylvia Massy


Sound engineer´s masterclass at Röhrsdorf Castle

Recording Workshop Sylvia Massy2021-12-12T16:12:29+01:00

Redepausen in Hamburg


The work Hanne Darboven (1941 - 2009) as a starting point

Redepausen in Hamburg2021-12-12T12:45:03+01:00