Choreography by Antoine Jully – world premiere
Musical arrangement and voice: Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson


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In his dance performance, Antoine Jully explores the entire field of geometric-architectural possibilities inherent in the composition with his language of movement. In doing so, he wants to transfer the ideas and approaches of Johann Sebastian Bach – with the greatest respect for his composition – into his own version, which will be especially dedicated to the rhythms laid out in the fugues. His musical partner will be the Oldenburg singer and vocal artist Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson, who plays with the tonal spectrum of Bach’s composition and has also made recordings with the Ventapane Quartet of the Oldenburg State Theater, as well as the Oldenburg cantor and organist of St. Lamberti Church, Tobias Götting.


Choreography and costumes: Antoine Jully
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, ‚The Art of Fugue‘ BWV 1080
Musical arrangement and voice: Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson
Stage: Georgios Kolios, Antoine Jully
Lighting: Sofie Thyssen, Phillip Sonnhoff, Antoine Jully
Video: Georgios Kolios
Dramaturgy: Telse Hahmann

With: Laura Cristea/ Adi Hanan/ Maelenn Le Dorze/ Nicol Omezzolli/ Caetana Silva Dias/ Teele Ude/ Francesco Fasano/ Lester René González Álvarez/ Oliver Jones/ Herick Moreira/ Gianluca Sermattei

Musical partners:
Tobias Götting, organ
Ventapane Quartet: Lev Gelbard, Birgit Rabbels, Christoph Rabbels, André Saad
Christoph Ogiermann, piano improvisation

Photo: © Stephan Walzl

Date: June 15, 2019
Composition: Johann Sebastian Bach
Production: Oldenburg State Theater, Ballet
Location: Oldenburg State Theater, Oldenburg