A dutch chamber opera based on the german book Flughunde by Marcel Beyer

3rd to 12th of August 2007 on Festival Boulevard, Brabanthallen Den Bosch

Multimedia project in collaboration with Muzieklab Brabant, Cross-media group Polymorf pervers and Theaterfestival Boulevard.
“Wander through a unique vocal labyrinth. A shameless mix of theatre, film, opera and soundscapes. Zingmond is a form of hallucinatory multimedia musical theatre that titillates the senses.” (Polymorf Pervers)


Concept, direction, text: Marcel van Brakel
Composer, vocals: Alison Isadora
Vocals, staging: Harm Huson, Francine Vis, Gudrun Burghofer, Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson
Artistic Direction: Romain Bischoff

VocaalLAB Amsterdam
polymorf pervers (Marcel van Brakel)
Muzieklab Brabant
Festival Boulevard

Datum: 03. August 2007
Komposition: Alison Isadora / Marcel v. Brakel
Produktion: Festival Boulevard
Ort: Den Bosch (NL)