the original recording of f.t. marinetti’s “la battaglia di adrianopoli” should be reinterpreted. the performer heard the recording for the first time via headphones and tried to imitate it in real-time. this was recorded on video and audio.
then he imitated recordings of russolo’s intona rumori and sang the first bar of stravinsky’s “le sacre du printemps”. all of these were realized originally around the year 1913.
the idea of the futurists to destroy all existing is put in contrast to the beauty of the first phrase of stravinsky’s bassoon.
additionally we recorded fragments of cage’s “lecture on nothing”.
what remains when everything is destroyed?

2013 untitled_7 receives the 1st prize at the international festival/competition of electroacoustic music and multimedia yekaterinenburg, russia


Komposition: Daniel Dominguez Teruel;
Auftrag: Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

performed/recorded by Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson
camera: timmi davis
lighting setting: jonas schneider