Stefan Wolpe (1902-72) is undoubtedly one of the most interesting figures in the musical history of our time. His music can hardly be assigned to a certain school or direction, it is full of contradictions. The most diverse influences and tendencies can be heard, from jazz to the most complex serial techniques.

At the time of the Weimar Republic, the composer with Jewish roots composed worker songs, agitprop and dada works and, among other things, used his experiences as a Bauhaus student in his energetic compositions.

This co-production by Radio Bremen and NEOS Music features first recordings. Most of the songs were selected during the Weimar Republic. The piano work Battle Piece from 1943-47 can also be heard.


Piano: Johan Bossers, Brussels
Singing: Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson

NEOS Music

Date: 01. February 2008
Composition: Stefan Wolpe
Production: Radio Bremen / NEOS Music