„Unerhört“ Concert for piano music, voices and electronics with Johan Bossers and Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson.

The decay of a chord can be a small universe. The piece suite no.11 (by Giacinto Scelsi, 1956) is an attempt to find out something about the essence of sound with the help of virtuoso „keyboard choreographies“. The Belgian pianist Johan Bossers recorded the composition for the first time in 1995. Especially for this concert, an ensemble of four soloists will join in the sounds of the amplified piano chords. A multicolored sound emerges.

In stark contrast: DIE DA (by Christoph Ogiermann, 2007). A swan song to the exploitation of one’s own resources and at the same time a musical snapshot of the current life situation of two musicians. Inspired by the theater work of René Pollesch, the two musicians in DIE DA are overrun by deconstructed sounds of their own instruments, vocals and piano, and finally swallowed up by their media doubles. A parforce ride through the „my house, my car, my bank account“ atmosphere, including a „Plastic-Smile“ song as an outro.

Concert by projektgruppe neue musik bremen in the REM series in cooperation with oh ton Förderung aktueller Musik e.V. and Schwankhalle Bremen.

Dates: 7. Feb 2018 Aula Uni Oldenburg / 10. Feb 2018 Schwankhalle Bremen

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