Architecture students of the HCU connect thousands of threads into lines at meticulously differentiated distances and intervals, sum them up into compact bundles and overlays, and create atmospheres, interferences, virtual surfaces, spaces, and color gradients – in correspondence with the textures and layers of the music of Xiao Fu.

In addition to a singer/speaker and a percussionist/dancer, the installation uses an ensemble of three harps with a total of 141 strings (as strings of sound). These are contrasted by virtual harps, which in turn are controlled by the speaker or percussionist with gestures. 3D cameras remove the gestures and process them digitally.


RAUMINSTALLATION HafenCity University (Leyla Gersbach, Patrick Becker, Johannes Boscher et al.) LEITUNG Prof. LotharEckhardt MUSIK Xiao Fu STIMME Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson HARFE Alexandra Guiraud

Date: October 11, 2012
Composition: Xiao Fu
Production/Festival: HFMT Hamburg / Klangwerktage Chr. Leiste

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