Rainald Grebe is a great-great grandson of Dadaism. His performances full of bizarreness and anarchistic entertainment carry the audience into a strange world between silliness and tragicomedy.

„sit down in the time machine and drive
guido knopp was always there before you
Sit in the time machine and drive.
follow the white rabbit tralala…

The white rabbit led little Alice through wonderland. And also we want to follow the white rabbit. Where does it take us? We put the year 1968 on the year 2008 and drive off. Jimi Hendrix sings a song about resource conservation, Janis Joplin turns on the energy-saving lamp, and we hear wild things in the non-smoking lounge and celebrate the health dictatorship.
There is no real life in the wrong, but in the right, and we are on our way there. It was a beautiful time when long hair was still political.“
(from the texts)




Composition: Rainald Grebe & Kapelle der Versöhnung
CD Premastering

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